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All Gravelly Art cards are printed on recycled stock. Most of our cards are printed on 100% post consumer waste, FSC & Green Seal Certified stock.

We would be happy to send you our catalogs and wholesale price sheet. Please call, email, or fax us to request any information or to get your questions answered. We would love to help you.

Our minimum order is $100. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. First-time orders must be made with a credit card. Reorders are Net-30 days with credit sheet.
Everyday  and Holiday Counter Cards
Minimum order 6 of one design.
Holiday Boxed Sets:
Boxes contain 8 cards of a single design. Minimum order of 4 boxes per design
Button Assortment:
100 buttons of 20 images. Minimum order 1 set. Available with display box or as refill without display box.
48 holiday buttons of 8 images. Minimum order 1 set. Available with display box or as refill without display box.
Button Assortment:                                                                                                  25 buttons of a single image. Minimum order 1 set.
Minimum order 2 per design
Key Chains:
Minimum order 4 per design
Minimum order 2 per design
How to place an order
Call us at 503-287-0885
Fax us at 503-281-9197
Email us at info@gravellyart.com
Be sure to give us your retail store information and your email address.
You can download an order form above. Sorry, we are not able to accept COD shipments.