Meet Jud Guitteau.

Forget that he has a degree in Landscape Architecture. Because even while he was running that crazy company, Jud knew he’d much rather be drawing. So he put down his hedge clippers, picked up a pencil, some pastels and acrylics and before he could say “give me a client” Jud was mixing it up with AT&T, MCI, Wall St. Journal, Miami Herald, the US Postal Service, JC Penney, British Music Group, Adobe Systems, IBM, and Microsoft. Now with his Gravelly card series, serious Jud has created a forum to be goofy Jud. (His friends in Portland knew it was just a matter of time.) So stay tuned—the Gravelly card collection is quickly growing into a fun greeting line for many noteworthy occasions.
If you’d like to see more of Jud’s work, head to judguitteau.com and peruse his portfolio.

What’s a Gravelly?

First you have to picture Jud with two brothers, a sister, and dachshund Gus, all piled in the back of the family station wagon for the annual summer pilgrimage from Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks) to their grandparent’s lake house up in Washington. This lake, Gravelly Lake, was the scene of so many idyllic summer days and high jinx adventures that it has become the stuff of Guitteau family legend. Jud’s wife Lynn, who has no doubt spent her entire married life listening to Gravelly Lake lore, had the idea. If everyone has so many happy memories of this place in time, why not just name the family card business for the lake with the goofy name and be done with it? That‘s how Gravelly Art came to be.

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